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Cheap Auto Insurance in Miami

If you're purchasing car insurance in Miami, you'll need to abide by all of the laws of the state of Florida. If you live in Miami or any other part of Florida, you'll be required by law to have auto insurance that's issued in the state, and have this all taken care of by the time you go to the DMV. Florida ranks high in its auto insurance rates, according to one Web site: at eighth in the state, its average combined premium is $1,148.30. Of that amount, $757 is the average liability premium, $280 is the average collision premium, and $111 is the average comprehensive premium.

Florida Minimum Requirements Apply

If you want to purchase the cheapest car insurance possible, then you'll want to stick with Florida's minimum requirements for auto insurance. Miami's premiums can be slightly more expensive than some other cities or rural parts of the state, but most of the requirements should be the same as in the rest of Florida. The minimum coverage for auto insurance Miami is 10/20/10, which means you're required to have a minimum coverage of $10,000 for bodily injury per person, $20,000 total bodily injury liability and $10,000 in property damage when and if a wreck occurs.

Factors Increasing the Auto Accident Risk in Miami

Miami may not be nearly as big as New York City or Chicago, but it's still a busy city and was ranked by a Texas Transportation Institute as the ninth most congested city in the nation. And despite a slumping economy in Florida, Miami is still a desirable city and it's growing. With a population of almost half a million people, it's one of the most urbanized cities in the U.S., following only New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. The more congestion, the more irritable and impatient the drivers are, and the more accidents that can occur.

Plus, the more cars there are, the higher the chance for an accident - even if all the drivers are patient. Another piece of bad news is that cities along the port tend to have a higher rate of auto theft - a reality that will raise your auto insurance. Miami ranks right up there with other port cities. Also in Miami, the number of drivers in town is higher than in many other cities, because it's a prime tourist destination. Tourists don't know the area as well, and those who drive while handling a map makes them even more accident prone.

Keeping Auto Insurance Miami Rates Low

The fact that Miami is high in auto theft doesn't mean that you have to be part of that negative statistic. Even though the premiums will be higher overall than in other parts of the state, hopefully your salary and opportunities will be higher as well. Make sure you lock your doors at all times, and consider purchasing some safety device that would make your car less prone to theft. If you live in the city, then consider trying to walk to work if it's safe. Otherwise try to live as close to work as possible - the less you drive, the less of a risk the insurance company considers you. Plus, the less you drive the lower your chances of getting pulled over or being in an accident.

Other ways to reduce your Miami auto insurance include: raising your deductible, taking a driver's ed course, and owning a pre-owned rather than new vehicle. Sit down and talk with your agent about other potential ways to reduce your monthly premium. You can visit to get affordable Miami auto insurance quotes.

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