Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cheap Auto Insurance in Missouri

How to Find Cheap Auto Insurance Rates in Missouri

Before you start your search for the cheapest Missouri car insurance rates then be sure and make sure your understand A) How much coverage you need and B) Some of the different ways that you can save money on your Missouri auto insurance policy. Missouri drivers need to buy at least the minimum amount of car insurance coverage ordered under the law. This means you are looking at getting the following types and levels of coverage:

* Bodily Injury Insurance of $25,000 for an individual injured in an accident, with a cap of $50,000 for multiple victims in the same accident.

* Uninsured Motorist Coverage of $25,000 for one person and $50,000 for two or more people injured in the same accident.

* Property Damage Insurance in the amount of $10,000 for damage to the other person's vehicle, a shed, building, traffic sign post, mailbox, etc.

There are some things you can do to make your MO car insurance coverage more affordable. One of the best tips you can get is to shop around before you commit to buying coverage from a particular insurance company. Even if you have been with the same insurer for several years and are happy with the rates you are being charged and the company's customer service policies, it pays to take a bit of time before your coverage is up for renewal to see if you could do better elsewhere.

Insurance companies want your business and you may be able to get a better rate on your coverage if you decide to switch. Don't wait until the last minute to start looking, though: you should start looking a couple of months before your policy expires.

If you can afford to increase your deductible, this is another way to save money on your Missouri auto insurance. You will need to consider this very carefully before you go ahead since you will need to pay this amount out of your own pocket before the insurance company will issue any funds following a loss.

Maintain a clean driving record if you want to keep your Missouri car insurance costs down. Your insurer will consider your past record when determining how risky you are to insure. Some things, like your age, you can't control but you can drive carefully every time you are behind the wheel.

Another way to keep your MO car insurance costs down is to avoid drinking and driving. You may think that you are all right to drive, but the results of a breath or blood test may indicate otherwise. The consequences of a bad decision to get behind the wheel after drinking will prove very expensive for several years. Being able to get cheap auto insurance in Missouri will be a distant memory after a conviction on a DUI or DWI charge. Visit to get started shopping around and comparing cheap Missouri auto insurance quotes onlne.

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